5 Valuable Google Analytics Custom Reports


5 Valuable Google Analytics Custom Reports

Google Analytics provide a wealth of data and invaluable insight for your website. Users can gain insights from standard reports, however, navigating through all of the data can be a challenge that may take more than a few clicks.

Fortunately, custom reports allow you to obtain the specific insights you’re looking for. No matter how experienced you are with Google Analytics, you can build your own reports, dashboards, and segments. Whether you want data on the top traffic acquisition sources or the top performing blog content, reporting templates help you access the data that you’re looking for while saving time.

These templates will equip you with useful reports to level up your web traffic analysis. They’ll enable you to you drill down to the data you’re interested in to discover valuable insight to ultimately improve your data-driven decision-making.

If you’re logged into your Google Analytics account, you can immediately put these reports into action. Just click on the link to apply them to your profile. They’ll be located in the Customization section.


Visitor Acquisition

This report organizes key metrics measuring the efficiency and performance of all traffic streams, highlighting new sessions, bounce rate and goal conversion rate. It focuses on user characteristics and their engagement with websites.

To view data when you drill down into Campaigns, it would be best to use Google’s URL builder and add the utm_campaign tag to your URL for any campaigns that you run. Otherwise, campaigns will appear as (not set) because no campaign has been defined by the utm_campaign tag. The Google URL builder is an immensely useful tool. For a further dive into the URL builder check out: A Complete Guide to The New Google URL Builder.

Metrics: Users, Sessions, % New Sessions, Bounce Rate, Goal Conversion Rate

Dimension Drilldowns: Source/Medium >> Campaign >> City


Landing Pages Analysis

The Landing Pages Analysis report covers data for pages through which users enter the website. This report provides a list of pages and highlights the percentage of pageviews that were entrances to the website as well as the bounce rate for those pages.

Depending on the goals of the web page, you can see how effective those landing pages are and determine whether you need to adjust the elements on that page. If you are running campaigns, this report can give you an idea of which landing page might be the most helpful to your target audience.

Metrics: Sessions, Entrances / Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Page

Dimension Drilldowns: Page >> Keyword


Content Efficiency Analysis

The Content Efficiency Analysis report provides data in two tabs: one for the performance of specific content or pages, and one for the technical performance of the web page. You can see which webpages are receiving repeat pageviews, the percentage of pageviews that are entrances to the website, as well as the bounce rate and average time on page.

Page Performance Efficiency

Metrics: Unique Pageviews, Pageviews, Entrances / Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Avg. Time on Page

Dimension Drilldowns: Page Title >> User Type >> Source/Medium >> Campaign


Page Technical Efficiency

Metrics: Pageviews, Avg. Page Load Time, Page Load Sample, Bounce Rate

Dimension Drilldowns: Page Title >> Country >> City

google_analytics_Page-Technical-Performance (1)

Search Traffic (Excluding Not Set, Not Provided)

This Search Traffic report provides data on keywords that users input into search engines to reach your website. Drilling down into those keywords leads to the landing pages through which users enter websites. You can evaluate keywords and determine whether keywords are leading users to the desired web pages.

This report provides bounce rate and pageviews related to keywords and their landing pages. You can analyze how effective your keywords are, in conjunction with your landing pages, at engaging users by analyzing bounce rate and pageviews.

Metrics: Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate, Pageviews

Dimension Drilldowns: Keyword >> Landing Page

Filter: Exclude Keyword Exact (not set), (not provided)


Mobile Performance Analysis

This mobile custom report contains three areas of analysis–device performance, search performance, and page performance–in one report so you don’t have jump from report to report. The device tab breaks down the operating system and product model used. The Search Performance tab contains keywords that mobile users input into search engines. The Page Performance tab covers the effectiveness of landing pages, the traffic source and the user type.

Mobile Device Performance

Metrics: Users, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration, Goal Conversion Rate

Dimension Drilldowns: Operating System >> Mobile Device Info >> Landing Page

Filter: Include Device Category Regex “mobile|tablet”


Of course, the usefulness of these reports all depends on the goals of your web properties. Users can edit these reports to display data for websites by setting a filter that only includes those websites. Not only does it allow for efficient access to the data of interest, but it also gives users ideas on how to bring more insight out of the data.