Supporting the Mission: How to Build a Career in Government Contracting


Supporting the Mission: How to Build a Career in Government Contracting

If you’re outside the D.C. Metro area, the concept of supporting the missions of defense and federal agencies can be a foreign one. Last fiscal year there was nearly a $600B investment into contracts supporting the federal government. This is great news for career professionals at all levels from interns to executives.

Mission-Focused, Mission-Critical

One of the biggest motivators for pursuing work with the government is the desire to support missions that impact policy, technology, delivery, and diplomacy for our nation and around the world. For MetroStar, our portfolio of customers has missions that help farmers feed America, disseminate Census data, secure supplies for our warfighters, and pull intelligence from aerial drone data (as a few examples).

Building a Rich History

Our partnerships reside on the legacies of our customers. These legacies have deep historical roots that are the foundation for innovation and charting the course towards the future. An example of a program with deep historical roots is the opportunity to support the United States Army out of Fort Huachuca. From Geronimo to Buffalo Soldiers to a modern-day training installation, Fort Huachuca serves a critical mission supporting the readiness of soldiers.

Supporting the Mission of Fort Huachuca

MetroStar is building a team to support Fort Huachuca in a variety of cyber, network, and management positions. With over 20 years of experience in the government space, MetroStar is proud of our long history providing mission-critical support to all branches of the United States Armed Forces. Our developers, analysts, and managers are crucial members of our team, each with a unique set of skills that we are honored to share with our customers. In addition to our diverse, technology-driven team, MetroStar continues to create new opportunities for growth to fit our client’s needs as part of our core values.

Transforming Your Career Path

Upskilling, or continuous training, is the centerpiece for growth at MetroStar. When you join MetroStar, you not only join a contract, you join a company that’s committed to providing you with the tools, support, and opportunities to build a career you can be proud of. Everyone at MetroStar is given funds on an annual basis to pursue the skills they need to stay sharp, focused, and innovative.

Life at MetroStar

Open, innovative, empowered, and curious is how we like to describe ourselves and our 285 (and growing!) team members. Our core virtues and culture are the heart and soul of our organization, and what differentiates our organization from hundreds of other government contractors developing technology services for the government. We encourage all of our people, at every level, to find their passion and work hard to keep that fire lit through shared trainings, communities of practice, broad technology partnerships, and internal research and development, there are countless ways to deepen your expertise and grow your talents.

Is MetroStar right for me?

  • Do your friends know they can count on you for sage advice?
  • Are you always open to a new adventure?
  • Do you find yourself wishing there was more time for you to learn more about the things you love?

Then come and join us! We want confident, agile, dedicated, inquisitive individuals to join our team, and the broader MetroStar community, as we continue to support the honorable mission of our service members.

Let’s make a deal

MetroStar believes in creating balance- a balance between tradition and modernization, cutting edge and tried and true, and work and life. We care about our people’s balance and have developed benefits and perks to reflect that investment. The benefits offered to our people include generous health insurance packages, a 401k matching program, continuing education funds, a generous paid leave program (including parental leave), and the vital benefit of joining the greater MetroStar community. Our relentless focus on building people and culture is reflected by various nationally-recognized awards including an 8x awardee of Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT.

Building a career in government contracting is about selecting the right company (MetroStar) with the right portfolio of customers and capabilities to keep you growing, challenged, and inspired by the mission. 


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