MetroStar's Partnership with NumFOCUS and PyData


MetroStar's Partnership with NumFOCUS and PyData

MetroStar Systems has partnered with PyData and NumFOCUS as a way to give back to the data and analytics community. MetroStar is currently the host of the PyData DC Meetups offering monthly virtual meetups for data professionals and enthusiasts in the DC area and beyond. The monthly meetups feature talks by leaders in the data-sector. 

NumFOCUS is a 50(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to promote sustainable high-level programming languages, open code development, and reproducible scientific research. This is possible through their educational programs, events, and fiscal sponsorship of open-source scientific computing projects.

PyData is an educational program within NumFOCUS. They are a global network of users and developers broken down into smaller communities that build and share open-source tools with each other. NumFOCUS helps PyData host these meetups and provide the support PyData groups need to succeed. 

After a brief three-year hiatus, MetroStar stepped in this year to restart the DC group. MetroStar's Data Scientist, Paulo Martinez, and Hussain Sultan, MetroStar's Director of Artificial Intelligence, spearheaded the initiative to restart the group.

"We felt it was important to bring leadership and growth opportunities to the community despite being in the middle of a pandemic," Paulo said. "The virtual meetups have allowed us to provide a place for data professionals to network and continue to learn."

The first meetup was held in August and has been happening once a month since. Anyone in the community is welcome to join, whether they are a seasoned professional, just starting in their career, or interested in the industry. The next meetup will take place on Nov. 5 at 6 p.m., with speaker Taurean Dyer, a Technical Project Manager at NVIDIA. 

"PyData DC meetups are a place to connect with the data community, and it's very important for individuals who are first entering the field," Paulo said. "You can learn so much and gain helpful advice from industry leaders."

From an organizational standpoint, being a part of the PyData community sets you up as not only a leader but also helps your employees become more passionate about their roles while also becoming more knowledgeable. 

"These communities are important because it helps us quickly and effectively offer the world open-source products that can help people," Paulo said. "For organizations, it's an opportunity to position yourself as an industry leader with employees who truly are experts at what they do."

On a larger scale, MetroStar is a sponsor for the virtual 2020 PyData Global Conference taking place Nov. 11-15. Hussain Sultan (Director of Artificial Intelligence), Ben Lindquist (Principal Software Engineer), and Nathan Barber (Associate Software Developer) will speak on growing machine learning platforms in enterprises. 

"If you are a developer, then you won't want to miss this conference. The money you spend on a ticket is fed right back into the open-source community which is a positive thing for all of us." Sultan said.

Go to global.pydata.org for speaker information, demos, pre-recorded talks, and more. 


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