The Breakdown: How the Internet of Things Impacts Your Mobile Strategy


Trever Igoe and Jeff Behrbaum talking to one another in an office setting

Today's mobile technology is no longer just about portability. It's about integration. The Internet of Things (IoT) has resulted in users' expectations of inter-connectivity among all their devices–their mobile phone must communicate with their home devices, their vehicles, and even the things they wear. Everything is mobile; everything is connected.

But with this connectedness comes the caveat of security. The more your devices communicate with each other, the more data is being shared. While this could result in a smoother, more personalized user experience, it also means that users are opening more doors for cyber threats to come in and access their data through their devices. This is largely one of the reasons why organizations with sensitive operations, such as the Federal government, adopt mobile technology in a different, more cautious manner.

How much of your data are you willing to provide for the convenience of hyper-connectivity? Why is it important for mobile developers to focus on creating native apps in the world of IoT? How are government agencies adapting to the mobile IoT trend? What does it really mean to have a seamless, integrated, impactful mobile presence?

MetroStar Systems' Director of Mobile Jeff Behrbaum talks mobile tech in the debut of our all-new series, The Breakdown.


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