Mock IT: How to Grow From a Startup to a Leading Technology Company


Graphic reads: Mock IT: How to Grow From a Startup to a Leading Technology Company

Mock IT Episode 17 Overview

Welcome to season two of Mock IT! To kick off the season, MetroStar's CEO and Co-Founder Ali Reza Manouchehri joined our hosts to discuss transforming a digital solutions company from a George Mason University dorm room to a tech company with 330 (and growing) employees. This episode celebrates MetroStar's 23rd anniversary, dives into the background of the company, shares insights into the future of tech in government, and how to succeed as an entrepreneur

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Key Topics and Timecodes

  • Introductions | 1:59

  • Who is MetroStar? | 3:41

  • The journey from dorm room to tech company | 4:46

  • Advice to Ali's younger self | 8:17

  • Insights into MetroStar's projects | 9:00

  • Exploring Customer Experience (CX) in government| 13:03

  • Looking at artificial intelligence, human-centered design, and machine learning with Onyx | 16:27

  • The balance of tackling innovation while working with government agencies |20:33

  • What is Zoomph? | 22:58

  • Advice for others starting their own company | 26:51

  • Recent design in government that excites Ali (hint: it has to do with space) | 28:29



About Mock IT

Mock IT is a design and culture podcast sponsored by MetroStar. Hosts Liz and Marie are passionate about design of all shapes and forms and the impact User Experience (UX) design can generate for all generations. The podcast offers an inside look at two designers navigating design for the government and emerging design trends. The duo often invite their friends and industry experts on the podcast to chat about their passions and discoveries.

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