4 Key Takeaways from AgileDC's Annual Conference


4 Key Takeaways from AgileDC's Annual Conference

Uncovering Better Ways

Our technology world is constantly changing.  Our customers and our tools must be unified under a process that enables success in a dynamic, evolving environment.  As an early adopter of Agile frameworks and practices, MetroStar's teams have developed expertise increasing our customers' Agile Maturity.

Building the Community

For the second year, MetroStar sponsored AgileDC's annual regional conference in Washington, DC.  This partnership helps our teams learn and share how other thought leaders and organizations implement Agile.  We also partnered with Zoomph to gather the conference highlights and takeaways below.

Takeaway 1: Agile and Tiramasu Have A Lot In Common

Takeaway #1 - Not balancing Build, Measure, Leanr for Product Development is like making Tiramisu where expresso, ladyfingers, and mascarpone are not balanced.

Valerio Zanini's talk "Deliver great products and the art of measuring outcomes"  had a clever spin on why balance between each element of the framework and metrics is critical.  He also showed how the 5D framework helps teams deliver value to their customer.

Takeaway 2: Make An MVP More Than A Buzzword

Takeaway #2- You're not building an MVP if takes more than one month to build and there aren't observations from real customers

Pete's talk "MVPs Suck! Why this latest buzzword is such a pain in our *$$€$$!" tackled the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how doing and MVP properly requires equal parts process and mindset.  Pete emphasized that a true MVP starts with observing your customers' actual workflows, and ends with providing something (not final) the users can actually control.

Takeaway 3: Some Projects Are Like the Walking Dead

Takeaway #3- Kill your zombie projects

Sanjiv's keynote "Driving Flow, Value, and Innovation with the Agile VMO™" set the stage for Agile DC by promoting the path to business agility.  When organization's assess their portfolio of projects, they should have more frequent and more honest conversations around Zombie projects.

Takeaway 4: Build a Great Team

Takeaway #4- Build your scrum with us!

It's safe to say the biggest takeaway from AgileDC is that building great teams and customer relationships is critical to success.  We're proud to support organizations like AgileDC through our Lean Agile Center of Excellence.  Learn more about joining our team, by visiting our careers page.

Special thanks to AgileDC for coordinating an amazing event for the Agile community!

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