MetroStar Systems Named 2020 Best Places to Work in IT


MetroStar Systems Named 2020 Best Places to Work in IT

Written By: Sierra Romero

MetroStar Systems, Inc. (MetroStar) is pleased to be a recipient of Computerworld’s 2020 Best Places to Work in IT award, which recognizes IT companies with outstanding workplaces and cultures. 2020 marks the 9th consecutive year MetroStar has received this prominent award. This exemplifies how MetroStar’s high-performing workplace culture delivers tangible and meaningful results for our people, our customers, and our company.

“This award reinforces MetroStar’s long-term commitment to establishing and investing into our people-first culture,” said Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Ali Reza Manouchehri. “We will continue to focus on nurturing an innovative, vibrant work culture that empowers our people and creates opportunity.”

The Computerworld award honors organizations for their ability to foster diverse, innovative, and socially responsible organizations. This recognition aligns with MetroStar’s annual investment of over $1 million into research and development and training on leading-edge technologies.

2020 has brought new challenges and opportunities to automate, adapt, and innovate. MetroStar’s leadership team’s preparation and agility enabled the organization to continue thriving in a fully virtual capacity.

"MetroStar's ability to quickly transition to a virtual workforce in light of COVID-19 has been remarkable," said Vice President of People and Culture, Jennifer Meffert. “We’ve been able to capitalize on what might be perceived initially as an adverse disruption and turn it into a positive. We successfully shifted onboarding to 100 percent virtual, essentially breaking all geographic barriers to collaboration. The transition was swift and continues to progress. A true testament to MetroStar's agile and inclusive culture and community."


About MetroStar

MetroStar is a leading IT services provider for the public sector. For over two decades, our people have powered innovation through our core capabilities and practice areas. MetroStar’s focus on people and technology supports federal missions, including helping farmers feed America, ensuring humanitarian aid reaches refugees, and transforming the way data is disseminated for the nation’s leading data provider. Learn more about opportunities for designers, developers, writers, and philosophers to build a career with MetroStar.


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