MetroStar Unveils Brand Refresh


MetroStar Unveils Brand Refresh

Written By: Rachel Teter

RESTON, VA— MetroStar Systems, a leading provider of digital, data, and engineering solutions for the public sector, has unveiled a refreshed corporate branding identity. The rebranding centers around simplifying the company name to MetroStar and a new website with a more modern, intuitive user experience at https://www.metrostar.com. 

The brand updates represent a key milestone in MetroStar’s growth trajectory and showcases the transformation MetroStar has experienced over the last year across its customer portfolio and capabilities 

“Our refreshed brand embodies MetroStar’s philosophy to: “push the boundaries.” Even in the unpredictable and extraordinary times we live in, MetroStar’s vibrant community has continued to grow and thrive,” said Ali Reza Manouchehri, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of MetroStar. “The new MetroStar is a balanced blend of our legacy and vision for the future.  

Dropping systems represents MetroStar’s approach to transforming how government and citizens interact in the digital age. The shortened name signifies that regardless of the tools or systems, it is MetroStar’s approach to people and human-centered solutions that makes it unique. 

The new website launch and brand refresh is also a celebration of MetroStar’s diversity,” said Debbie Peterson, Chief of Staff. “Our rebrand was led by an all-women development, marketing, and communications team, which is a milestone that truly embodies the impact of empowering women, particularly in technology companies.” 

MetroStar’s new brand identity represents the curiosity, confidence, and creativity it takes to truly stand out as a strong contender in the bustling government contracting marketplace.  

About MetroStar

MetroStar is a leading digital and IT services provider for the public sector. For over two decades, our people have powered innovation by maintaining an unwavering commitment to putting people at the center of every solution. Learn more about MetroStar’s service offerings and career opportunities: https://www.metrostar.com