MetroStar Systems Joins the Digital Services Coalition


MetroStar Systems Joins the Digital Services Coalition

Written By: Rachel Teter

In Sept. 2020, the Digital Services Coalition (DSC) announced five new companies' admission into its membership. MetroStar Systems Inc. (MetroStar) is ecstatic to be one of those five.

Robert Rasmussen, the CEO of Agile Six, saw an opportunity "to improve how government contractors could deliver digital services by nurturing a sense of community, rather than rivalry." He created the DSC as a place to "share knowledge, find teaming partners for government proposals, and mentor firms who want to get involved in rethinking how the government delivers digital services."

MetroStar has been at the forefront of improving the way the government thinks about and procures digital services. Digital services are one of MetroStar's three practice areas. For MetroStar, digital solutions are a way of thinking – a strategic investment in capabilities that will modernize and transform an organization by addressing the needs of those we serve.

We blend design thinking, rapid ideation, prototyping, and usability testing to make dynamic architectures and interactive concepts. By embracing true digital transformation, we can explore the future of technology.

"The majority of my career has focused on supporting the public sector to create better experiences," Jason Stoner, MetroStar's Director of Experience Strategy, said. "We are excited to join such a diverse group of like-minded companies passionate about improving how the government plans, creates, and deploys digital services."

MetroStar has provided digital services and solutions to government agencies from the United States Marine Corps to the U.S. Department of State. Visit our Digital Practice Area web page for a full list of services and case studies.

MetroStar is the first mid-size organization to join the DSC. This partnership helps fosters our relationships with other organizations, gives us a platform to amplify our voice, and enables us to focus on the long-term path of digital transformation in the government sector.

This partnership could not have come during a more prominent time. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it is even more critical for digital services to be provided.

"This group is focusing on community advocacy and impact - they are laying the ground work for various missions by looking into how to better deliver capabilities and services from playbooks, strategies, and procurement efforts. We will be at the forefront of these discoveries and involved early for helping write policy, setting strategies, and being involved in procurements," said Mo Hessabi, Senior Vice President of Growth at MetroStar. 

MetroStar would like to thank those who have made this partnership possible and continue to help the UX community grow in the nation's capital.

"I would like to personally thank Keith Deaven and Media Barn for their ongoing partnership and fostering us through the nomination process, as well as their dedication to growing the UX community," Stoner said.

Read the full DSC press release here.