MetroStar Awarded IWRP OTA Supporting Marine Corps for Manpower IT Systems Modernization


12/06/2023 |
MetroStar Awarded IWRP OTA Supporting Marine Corps for Manpower IT Systems Modernization

Written By: Rachel Teter-Coble

Reston, VA Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023 – MetroStar, a leading tech provider in government, is proud to announce its successful bid for the Program Executive Office Manpower, Logistics, and Business Solutions (PEO MLB) Manpower Information Technology System Modernization (MITSM) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) under the IWRP Consortium.

The MITSM Portfolio aims to enhance USMC talent management capabilities through strategic digital transformation in support of Talent Management 2030. Under this OTA, USMC seeks to develop a digital transformation plan, modernization roadmap, and to prototype human resources processes using advanced technologies to better enable its talent management enterprise.

“We are extremely honored to work with the Marine Corps in their modernization journey to provide Marines the modern capabilities needed for talent management,” said Rob Stevens, MetroStar's Senior Director of Defense Operations.

MetroStar, with subcontractors Higher Echelon and SteerBridge Strategies, has partnered with Salesforce, a leading SaaS platform across the U.S. Department of Defense, to develop a data-driven Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics to harness critical data in the legacy systems environment.

“MetroStar understands the Marines need a flexible solution environment that can evolve,” said Ryan Abbott, MetroStar's Vice President of Defense. “Our innovative approach enables the effortless integration of new applications, including state-of-the-art technologies like AI/ML and advanced analytics, revolutionizing talent management.”

For more information about MetroStar’s solutions, visit here, and to explore mission-focused career opportunities, visit MetroStar’s open roles here.

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