MetroStar’s Open Source Platform Accepted Into Tradewind Marketplace


07/13/2023 |
MetroStar’s Open Source Platform Accepted Into Tradewind Marketplace

Written By: Johnnie Wade

Reston, VA, Thursday, July 13, 2023 — MetroStar, a Virginia-based IT digital services and solutions provider, announced its Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling Platform, Onyx, is now available on Tradewind Solutions Marketplace, the U.S. Department of Defense’s ground-breaking enabling environment for high-tech creation. Tradewind is a digital warehouse of post-competition pitch videos which address the government’s most significant challenges in the AI, ML, digital, and data analytics space.

Onyx is MetroStar’s data experimentation platform built on Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) technologies. The platform allows teams to mine large amounts of disparate data insights quickly. With a curated selection of open-source and commercial tools, Onyx integrates smoothly with data workflows to enable mission-critical products.

The solutions housed within the Marketplace have been vetted through competitive procedures. For industry, academic partners, and individuals, the Marketplace is the fastest way to market state-of-the-art technology solutions to government buyers. It’s also a virtual storefront for buyers to shop for and then procure solutions through the Marketplace’s rapid acquisition pathways.

“The demand for high-quality, affordable, and scalable machine learning tools to bolster the capabilities of data scientists is rapidly growing. Our strategic investment in Onyx aims to equip warfighters with these vital tools and to make a significant difference in our National Defense Strategy. Receiving such recognition is truly transformative, underscoring the importance and impact of our efforts,” said Joe Early, MetroStar’s Vice President of Product and Design.

The Onyx platform contains a custom experiment tracking system that integrates with JupyterHub, allowing teams to audit, track, and automatically evaluate experiments under any fairness and explainability criteria. Onyx offers complete sustainability enabling agencies to avoid vendor lock-ins and maintain flexibility. The user-friendly interface significantly reduces onboarding time and promotes self-service ML. Its open architecture facilitates quick access to ML collaboration at the edge, empowering agencies to enhance operational support at every level of affordability.

 MetroStar, the U.S. Air Force’s 309th Software Engineering Group (SWEG), and the Extreme Digital Development Group Enterprise (EDDGE) joined forces to deploy the platform successfully. Together, the solution empowers government-employed data analysts by helping them access and understand the possibilities that powerful, modern, military-hardened data science tools create.

For inquiries, contact Business Development Analyst Andrew Bice, abice@metrostar.com

Follow this link to register with Tradewind or to find out more about this open-source solution: Tradewind Solutions Marketplace (tradewindmarketplace.com) - now labeled Ratio Marketplace. 

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