Women in Government on Inspiring Inclusion | IWD 2024


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MetroStar proudly hosted its fourth International Women's Day event on March 8. This year, focusing on the theme of inspiring inclusion, our panelists discussed the significance of empathy in leadership, conquering obstacles with grit and perseverance, and the impact of technology in fostering inclusivity.

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Recap of IWD Panel + Networking Event

Each panelist brought unique insights that echoed the event's core theme—inspiring inclusion. The discussion on overcoming career challenges was a potent blend of real-world scenarios navigated with robustness and resolve. The panelists did not shy away from sharing how setbacks and failures, far from being deterrents, often served as catalysts for professional growth and maturation.

"Failure is a training ground for opportunity. I want you to be excited about your failure," said Venice Goodwine. "When you fail, I want you to say I know how to do that better next time."

MetroStar's International Women's Day event highlighted the importance of genuine inclusion in today's evolving professional settings. Acknowledging and celebrating diversity in workplaces is crucial for driving innovation and success. The panelist discussed how inclusion means more than just being present—it's about creating spaces where everyone's contributions are valued.

"It's [Inclusions] about opportunity for everyone, fair and competitive. People do not want to be tolerated. They want to be appreciated," said Janice Glover-Jones 

This event not only acknowledged women's accomplishments in the tech industry but also served as a gateway to a wealth of wisdom and a shared vision. The panel discussions and engagements with participants highlighted the importance of a united front for inclusivity and empathy, emphasizing that these values are not just ideals to advocate for but principles that, if embraced, can transform organizational environments.

Additionally, prior to the panel, women with a breadth of experience were invited to participate in this year's inaugural mentor/mentee sessions at MetroStar's HQ. Mentors from across the industry were paired with mentees to discuss their goals and ideas for the future. This event was met with enthusiasm and impactful conversations. 

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