Through the Eyes of the Intern


Through the Eyes of the Intern

Finding the Right Fit

As a marketing management student about to enter my senior year at Virginia Tech, getting real-world experience as a marketing intern was a top priority for me this summer. I spent several weeks applying to numerous marketing internship programs until I found my perfect match, MetroStar Systems.

What drew me to work for MetroStar Systems was a variety of things that set them apart. One of them being my boss. On the first day of my internship my boss sat me down and said, “Stephanie, this is not going to be your typical internship.” She told me that she didn’t want to put me in situations where I wouldn’t value or learn anything. She wanted me to focus on my work and get the most out of my time at MetroStar Systems.

Not Your Typical Internship

Many companies have a particular structure for how their interns work and what they must accomplish before their internship is over. MetroStar Systems took an entirely different approach from the rest. I was given the opportunity to work with the Marketing Manager every day. Whether it was helping her complete daily tasks, conquering projects of my own, or simply bouncing ideas off of each other. Not once was I asked or expected to do “typical” intern work such as, go on coffee runs, make copies of documents, or collect lunch orders from employees. My boss was right; it was not your typical internship program – It was better.

The infographic below represents the types of tasks I have worked on, what I have learned, and my advice for fellow marketing interns.

Through the eyes of an intern

Thank You

A big thank you to all of the kind-hearted employees, the influential executives, and most of all my talented boss, mentor, and friend, Debbie Peterson. MetroStar Systems has made me feel like a valuable part of the company and a real member of their #MetroStarCulture. I feel privileged to have had the chance to work with and learn from such intelligent people.

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