Introducing Mock IT: A Design, HCD, and Culture Podcast


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Mock IT is a design and culture podcast sponsored by MetroStar. The podcast takes an inside look at design thinking, the thoughts of UX Designers, and trending design topics in the government space.

Liz and Marie, passionate UX Designers, and the hosts of Mock IT explore the design topics in government that excite them, inspire them, or make them go, "hmm?"

Their first episode, launched on Aug. 25, features Liz, Marie, and their professional relationship. They cover how they met, how their friendship has grown, their work in government, and the forming, storming, and norming we all go through when starting a new project or job.

 Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing are four stages of psychological development a team endures when working on a project. 

Liz and Marie offer insights into forming strong relationships with your coworkers and understanding the stages of team development on UX teams.

Meet the Hosts

Liz is an Associate Project Manager at MetroStar and a passionate UX Designer. She is a highly talented and creative web strategist capable of defining long-term digital strategies. 

Marie is an Associate Design Manager at MetroStar and a strong visual communicator. She is passionate about all things digital and creating solutions that are not only fresh but offer user-focused solutions for real-world problems. 

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