MetroStar Launches Veteran Community Podcast


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Veteran Voices at MetroStar

This March, MetroStar launched Civvies, a bi-monthly podcast that aims to share the experiences and knowledge of those in the veteran community. 

Andrew Bice, a U.S. Navy veteran and member of MetroStar's People & Culture team, is the host. "We wanted a chance to champion the voices of veterans across communities," Bice said. "Listeners can expect open and honest conversations about being a service member or being someone who helps the community. You'll hear from many people from different walks of life and from some familiar MetroStar voices as well." 

Elevating voices from various communities is common practice at MetroStar, including the voices of veterans.  For two decades, MetroStar has been proud to support veterans as they transition back or to civilian roles for the first time. 

The first episode features, Jordan Hebenstreit, a Marine Scout Sniper veteran, instructor, and contractor who now leads Salvage USA, a non-profit organization serving veterans, active-duty special operations personnel, and military families. Listeners hear that Jordan's drive comes from his mission to eliminate the casualties of suicide and substance abuse through community empowerment. Additionally, listeners meet Randy Stewart of Charlie Mike Surfboards, who has helped with Salvage USA's mission. 

Upcoming guests this season include an advocate for veterans' transition as they shift into their civilian jobs, leaders in non-profits paving the way for veterans' mental health, and more. 

  • Episode 2 | Ashley Brown is the Director of People at The Honor Foundation, a career transition program for U.S. Special Operations Forces that effectively translates their elite military service. She is also the Founder and Owner of Guided Confident Careers, LLC,  offering online career coaching services. 

  • Episode 3 | John Richards served as a U.S. Navy Seal for over a decade. In retirement, he has started his own coaching business working with professional athletes, world champions, business owners, and elite military members. John is passionate about helping others find the balance of serving, transitioning, and championing mental health while not compromising the mission. 

  • Episode 4 | Leslie Irby is the Founder and Executive Director of Climb4, a veteran-founded charity that provides necessary gear for veterans in need. Their goal is to help heal psychical and emotional wounds through adventure in the great outdoors. 

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