Making an Impact: How a Business Relationship Manager Creates Growth


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MetroStar is exploring the positive impact our people are having on the world around them. In this series, you will learn about the different roles, projects, and positive changes MetroStar’s team is helping to create.

Located 643 miles from Reston, Virginia sits Bloomington, Indiana. Southwest of Indianapolis, Bloomington is a thriving city of arts and science and a home away from home for tens of thousands of Indiana University students and alumni.

Bloomington is also the second headquarters for MetroStar Systems. There are currently six full-time workers located in Bloomington with the addition of three interns this past summer.

Business Relationship Manager, Anne, works in the Bloomington office and is tasked with growing the MetroStar team and business in the region.

Anne is all things Bloomington. She runs strategic outreach efforts for the community and helps create MetroStar's connection with the university and our customers in the area.

Anne also assists in the strategic efforts regarding the acquisition of talent for the Bloomington office for roles in software engineering, DevSecOps, and cloud computing.

Who is our Business Relationship Manager?

Anne grew up in northern Indiana and studied at Indiana University Bloomington. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a Master's in Arts Administration with a focus in nonprofit management.

During the course of Anne's education, her career path changed drastically. She began her studies planning to join the medical field but quickly learned her passion lay elsewhere. Her master's program introduced her to the world of community and economic development.

"Bringing vibrancy to downtown communities, focusing on the arts, and fostering the growth of innovation-driven businesses is how I began my work with the local community here," Anne said.

When MetroStar asked her to join the team, she knew she could further help her city by navigating the local tech scene and the government industries that were rapidly growing in the area.

Why Bloomington, Indiana?

In 2018, Ali Reza Manouchehri, our CEO and Co-Founder, was in the process of searching for growth opportunities that spanned outside of the D.C. area. During this time, the leadership team grew interested in building an office in the city of Bloomington. The team met Anne for the first time—she was currently serving as the Vice President of the Bloomington Economic Development Corporation.

"When they reached out to me, the leadership team just wanted to know more about the city. It was a whirlwind two days of meeting with community leaders, local government, city officials, and exploring the area," Anne said.

There is an abundance of competition in the D.C. area for contracts and employees. MetroStar knew they could make a larger impact in the industry if they also worked in regions around the country that were not solely the nation's capital.

Due to significant global changes, there is also a higher interest to move out of big cities. "There is a small-town feel in Bloomington but with big-city amenities," Anne said.

The small-town feel of Bloomington won the MetroStar team over. "At the end of the day, it came down to MetroStar being a good cultural fit. The city matches the culture of MetroStar-- building innovative technology and having a passion for people," Anne said.

Since the start, MetroStar has worked to make an impact in the local technology community. Recently MetroStar was a sponsor and provided presenters for The Mill's Innovation Week and The Combine's virtual conference.

"People in the community are starting to see MetroStar as a true part of the community. We are more than a satellite office; this is a place where people can grow their careers. MetroStar has been mindful to partner with existing organizations doing great work in Bloomington, and it all goes back to the values of MetroStar and the city matching."

Another winning aspect of Bloomington is the university. Indiana University Bloomington is nestled in the middle of the city and is the state’s flagship campus. MetroStar saw a vibrant community of emerging talent and ideas with the university at the heart of it.

"There is a rich talent pool fueling their education here, and it's powerful to have them be able to stay in the area," Anne said. "There are so many opportunities here to provide for the community and support the work being done at IU and NSWC Crane."

Finding Customers and Connection Anywhere

MetroStar is currently working on building relationships with partners in the area to support the American people and the technology industry.

MetroStar is already working to partner with several local companies who are supporting government customers. As the Bloomington team expands, MetroStar continues to grow their connections and work outside of the D.C. area.

Government and federal opportunities are abundant in the area. For example, Bloomington is 30 minutes north of NSWC Crane - where the third-largest Navy installation in the nation is located. This proximity is exciting for MetroStar, as it shows geographically how varying areas can expand MetroStar’s opportunities to bring additional innovative solutions to the government.

"Being here has opened us up to super-talented people who may not want to move to a big city. This location gives MetroStar access to more ideas and innovation from working with communities that differ from the Reston Headquarters," Anne said. "We hope being here can add even more growth to Bloomington. It may even lead to more companies' growth in the future."


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