Top 3 Lessons Shared with GMU’s Class of 2016


Top 3 Lessons Shared with GMU’s Class of 2016

If you’re not one of the graduates proudly dawning your robe and enjoying the crowning achievement of your college career, you’re probably sitting in the stands teary-eyed and cheering your friends and family as they march.

GMU Graduation ceremony 2016

Last week, MetroStar’s CEO and Co-Founder Ali Reza Manouchehri had the opportunity to give the commencement speech at his Alma Mater, George Mason University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

GMU Alumni CEO Ali Manouchehri

Ali, who was part of GMU’s eager audience 17 years ago, had the opportunity to share some of the wisdom that he has gleaned in the time since he graduated. In case you missed the full speech, here are his three key lessons that are just as applicable to new graduates as they are to professionals moving up the corporate ladder.

  1. If you can imagine it and dream it, you can help others understand. Humanities gives us the creativity to be flexible and adaptable as you navigate this brave new world.
  2. Understand how history is made and connected. Humanities gives us the skills, determination, and understanding to preserve our great accomplishments.
  3. Curiosity. Humanities teaches you to leverage your imagination and curiosity to explore, design, feel, love, recover, and respect other ideas.

ICYMI, here’s the selfie Ali took with Dean Boehm-Davis to kick off his speech:

GMU Commencement CEO Selfie

Watch the video below to view Ali’s full speech and GMU’s commencement ceremony.