#ICYMI: Fully Virtual Innovation Week with The Mill


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Dimension Mill (The Mill) is Bloomington, Indiana's largest coworking space and an entrepreneurial ecosystem. On Oct. 5-6, The Mill hosted webinars for their Innovation Week. These sessions explored opportunities for collaboration, careers, and connections through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cybersecurity. During the first day of the event (Oct.5), MetorStar had four speakers featured.

Session One

Session one hosted a panel discussion featuring local officials and renowned AI and Cybersecurity experts. Our CEO and Co-Founder, Ali Reza Manouchehri, discussed how MetroStar is poised to help Bloomginton grow through our satellite office located there, and why the average citizen should care about Cybersecurity.


  • Mayor John Hamilton | Mayor of Bloomington, Indiana
  • Pat East | Executive Director at The Mill (moderator)
  • Ali Reza Manouchehri | CEO & Co-Founder at MetroStar Systems
  • Mike Dodd | Indiana University (IU) Program Director at the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

Watch the full presentation here.


Session Two

The second session featuring MetroStar employees discussed the process of scaling data and how complex computations are often a common challenge when enabling Machine Learning (ML) for Data Science. This discussion featured a live demo of processing large-scale PCAP data.


  • Hussain Sultan | Director of Artificial Intelligence at MetroStar Systems
  • Ben Lindquist | Principal Software Engineer at MetroStar Systems

Watch the full presentation here.


Session Three

The third session focused on how to build a career in Cybersecurity. This session shared insights into the field, including how it intersects with multiple disciplines from computer science to social sciences and policy.


  • Farhan Badshah | Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at MetroStar Systems
  • Isak Nti Asare | Associate Director of the Cybersecurity and Global Policy Program at IU Bloomington, Senior Associate at Oxford Insights, and Co-founder & Senior Director at FairFrame
  • Ashlynne Bender | Assistant Director at Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies
  • Mike Dodd | IU Program Director at the NSIN

Watch the full presentation here.


Check Out The Mill

For access to more Innovation Week webinars, please check out The Mill's YouTube channel

The Mill's next Innovation Week is set to take place during Fall 2021. Additional updates will be released closer to the event date.


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