Company leading in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Joins Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce


Company leading in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Joins Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce

Written By: Johnnie Wade

Sierra Vista, AZ, Tuesday, September 10, 2023 – MetroStar, a Digital Solutions and Services provider with its home office in Washington, DC, is joining forces with the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce. For over two decades, MetroStar has grown exponentially through its commitment to building talented teams and forming strong relationships through community engagement. This partnership marks another milestone in its journey toward growth and collaboration.

MetroStar believes that success is achieved through its care for the people of MetroStar and nurturing connections and partnerships that allow MetroStar to deliver value to its customers. The Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce shares this belief as they strive to create an environment conducive to business growth and development.

By joining the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce, MetroStar gains access to a network that spans diverse industries in Cochise County and Arizona writ large. This access opens doors to new partnerships that can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. By connecting with businesses ranging from small startups to established enterprises, MetroStar can expand its reach while contributing its expertise to support Sierra Vista’s growth.

MetroStar’s commitment to excellence and building high-quality teams out of the best and brightest people brings exciting prospects for job seekers interested in pursuing careers in technology. MetroStar is dedicated to attracting and nurturing top talent, ensuring the team consists of talented and creative professionals passionate about delivering innovative solutions.

“MetroStar is a rapidly growing business looking to bring jobs, innovation, and partnership to the great Sierra Vista community,” said Dan Wood, MetroStar’s Sr. Director of Strategy and Growth. “Our shared vision for creating opportunities and building meaningful relationships sets the stage for collaboration that will benefit everyone involved.”

Through partnerships, collaborations, and community engagement initiatives, MetroStar aims to make a positive impact beyond delivering innovative digital solutions. Together, the partnership looks to leverage technological expertise and explore new horizons in a thriving city and state. 

About MetroStar

MetroStar is an IT and digital services and solutions provider with a rich, two-decade legacy of building the brightest teams. As we navigate a new era of technology, our mission is to serve and transform how people, agencies, and tech enthusiasts connect in the digital age. Everything we touch begins and ends with people—the civil servants, service members, farmers, and immigrants (to name a few)—and our tools empower faster solutions worldwide, supporting dozens of federal agencies, hundreds of thousands of users, and millions of Americans.