8 Questions with MetroStar's CEO on Digital Solutions in Government


8 Questions with MetroStar's CEO on Digital Solutions in Government

Written By: Rachel Teter

RESTON, VA — MetroStar's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder Ali Reza Manouchehri joined citybiz's Edwin Warfield to discuss MetroStar's positioning in the full and open market, our recent artificial intelligence (AI) work, growth in Indiana, and more. 

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Interview questions:

Introduction (:21) | Can you provide an introduction to MetroStar and yourself? Tell us about your people, six core capabilities, and digital solution accelerators.

Capabilities (3:34)| How do your six capabilities differentiate from other government IT companies? Applied Intelligence is a capability of MetroStar, can you tell us about an exciting project that features your artificial intelligence and machine learning chops?

Case Study (5:18) | One of the case studies included on your website features your people’s work on farmers.gov for the Department of Agriculture. Can you share how your people helped farmers during the global pandemic?

Capital (7:57) | You started MetroStar in your dorm room at George Mason University. What has the journey from a dorm room to a 330 plus and growing company been like? Where do you hope to invest your capital in for the future?

Two-Year Rolling Plan (11:00)| MetroStar’s holistic strategy is synthesized into a strategy map and a two-year rolling plan. The executive team and executive partners review the strategy map on an annual basis. How does a two-year review help you create stability and focus compared to a typical 5-10 year strategy used across other companies?

Full and Open Environment (13:43)|MetroStar recently graduated from small to a mid-size business in a full and open market. Can you tell us what full and open means, and how has this transformed the type of work you pursue?

HQ2 (15:34)| Your second headquarters is in Bloomington, Indiana and you just released news about your Midwest Expansion Plan vowing to hire 100 Indiana tech professionals in the next few years. Why did you decide to plant roots in Indiana and what does your future in the Midwest look like?

Growth (18:33) | In a few words, give me your big picture overview for the next five years. What is your vision for the growth of MetroStar and how will you diversify?

About MetroStar 

MetroStar is a digital IT transformation company unlocking mission success for the federal government. For over two decades, their people have powered innovation by maintaining an unwavering commitment to putting people at the center of every solution. Their solutions transform how farmers feed America, ensure humanitarian aid reaches refugees, and unlocks real-time data for our warfighters.

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