MetroStar Ranked No. 1 Among Small Organizations on Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT List


MetroStar Ranked No. 1 Among Small Organizations on Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT List

Written By: Rachel Teter

Reston VA—Tuesday, Dec.13, 2022 – MetroStar, a leading solutions and digital services provider for the public sector, is proud to announce its selection as a Foundry's Computerworld’s 2023 Best Places to Work in IT.

An eleven-time awardee and ranked as 2023’s No. 1 among small organizations, MetroStar attributes its success to its keen ability to challenge its people while providing great benefits and compensation.

“As you emerge from something like the pandemic and other economic burdens, it’s a great time to reimagine what it means to work globally. Many industries have had to evolve in very different ways. MetroStar looked beyond your classic IT professionals to sustain innovation,” said Debbie Peterson, Sr. Vice President of People & Culture. “We are writers, designers, UX experts, and more who provide the public sector with solutions in the digital age.”

MetroStar is an organization rooted in its belief that people always come first, and this ethos is seen throughout all levels of the company. With an engaged executive team and Chief Executive Officer—Ali Reza Manouchehri—direct and open conversations surrounding the direction, opportunity, and growth of MetroStar happen often.

“Adapting to a ‘new normal' has put additional demands on IT organizations at companies of all sizes. This year’s winning companies have stepped up with increased IT staffing and a variety of innovative professional development opportunities. The result of these efforts is that not only are IT staffs engaged and productive, but the entire business benefits from IT’s ability to support evolving workplace models and changing business and customer needs,” said Rob O’Regan, Foundry’s Global Director of Content Strategy. “Importantly, this year’s award winners are laser-focused on diversity initiatives to expand the IT talent pool and promote workplace diversity and inclusion.”

Cultivating a diverse and adaptable workforce is a top priority for MetroStar. In 2022, the company won its largest contract to date, continuing its support with the U.S. Marine Corps, growing employees from 330 to 415 and counting. This win and others allowed the company to expand its community across the United States with an added emphasis on remote hires.

“Community is our anchor. We have a deep understanding of the demographics of our organization and have crafted a culture of bringing together passionate people who are early adopters in the public sector,” said Peterson. “We don’t overprescribe guidelines from the People and Culture side, which allows for our people’s flexibility and autonomy.”

Additionally, MetroStar is a strong advocate for encouraging its people to find innovative solutions that excite them as tech enthusiasts in the industry but also excite customers looking for custom-tailored solutions built by competitive digital solutions.

“The evolution of technology allows for more innovation. Much of that is being pushed around open-source tech, and MetroStar has welcomed that change,” said Vy Truong, MetroStar’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Two decades ago, you were forced to use large, closed-source platforms, providing a minimal return on investment. Today, you have an open-source movement providing an a la carte approach of best-in-class technologies to accomplish mission-critical goals.”

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About MetroStar

MetroStar is an IT and digital services and solutions provider with a rich, two-decade legacy of building the brightest teams. As we navigate a new era of technology, our mission is to serve and transform how people, bureaucracies, and tech enthusiasts connect in the digital age. Everything we touch begins and ends with people—the civil servants, service members, farmers, and immigrants (to name a few)—and our tools empower faster solutions worldwide, supporting dozens of federal agencies, hundreds of thousands of users, and millions of Americans. 

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