MetroStar Launches Free and Open Source Cybersecurity Tool


MetroStar Launches Free and Open Source Cybersecurity Tool

Written By: Rachel Teter-Coble

Reston, VA, Tuesday, June 11, 2024 – MetroStar, a leading provider of IT services and digital solutions, is proud to announce the official launch of Paradrop, a free and open-source cybersecurity tool.


Paradrop unifies the discovery of IT assets and cybersecurity information in one easily searchable and filterable view. It helps ensure compliance with industry standards and unlocks data points not captured in traditional IT asset management tools, like misconfiguration weaknesses and hard-to-find software.


"It's an exciting time at MetroStar. We're continuing to grow our investments and commitments in leading-edge R&D initiatives like Paradrop, which demonstrates our willingness to bring together government and open-source communities to meet mission needs while being able to give back,” said Timothy Marcinowski, MetroStar’s Sr. Director of Open Source Strategy.


Paradrop has several key features, including supporting open-source integrations with standard tools such as OpenSCAP, Trivy, ClamAV, Mattermost, and OpenSearch. It also offers automatic configuration and system change detection to help capture undocumented changes.


“Paradrop is one of many efforts inside MetroStar demonstrating our deep understanding, capabilities, and refreshing approaches to old and new challenges in Cyber and DevSecOps areas,” said Marcinowski.

Users can search through gigabits of collected data in seconds with low-print utilization. The platform provides full-featured RESTful APIs with OpenAPI Swagger documentation. It also detects installed and running software from third parties, including containers. Additionally, it supports modern versions of Windows, Linux, X86, and ARM platforms.


MetroStar invites leaders and developers to experience Paradrop firsthand. Explore the solution’s source code on GitHub: github.com/MetroStar/paradrop


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