Tech CEO Talks Building IT Companies that Serve Government | IHeartMedia Interview


Tech CEO Talks Building IT Companies that Serve Government | IHeartMedia Interview

Written By: Johnnie Wade

RESTON, VA, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023— Ali Reza Manouchehri, CEO of MetroStar, joined M&T Banks, CEOs You Should Know series to share his story of founding an information technology (IT) service company that works with government agencies.

Manouchehri started MetroStar in 1999 with college friends and current President, Robert J. Santos, when he recognized the emerging internet's potential for business. The burst of the dot-com bubble and the increased interest in Y2K presented the young company with an opportunity to pivot from their original idea of a crowd-sourced review website to providing IT consulting around Y2K preparedness.

Now, over 20 years later, MetroStar has grown to a $100 million company with over 400 employees serving government clients across 30 states. Manouchehri explained the philosophy behind MetroStar’s "people first" focus and how it influences the overall mission of using innovative technologies to serve national defense, citizen services, and other government needs.

According to Manouchehri, the key success strategy comes from assembling talented, passionate teams who can develop cutting-edge and repeatable solutions. Each solution must accelerate results for agencies compared to industry alternatives.

“That is the gift that we have that has allowed us to differentiate ourselves— surrounding ourselves with talented individuals,” said Manouchehri.

Giving back to the community is also a pillar of MetroStar’s success strategy. During the interview, Manouchehri highlights MetroStar's philanthropic focus areas of health and humanitarian, education and empowerment, and supporting our hometown heroes and veterans. By serving people across the nation and locally, MetroStar aims to build strong relationships within the community it serves.

Listen to the entire episode to hear how MetroStar is building a future towards AI and tech in government.

About MetroStar

MetroStar is an IT and digital services and solutions provider with a rich, two-decade legacy of building the brightest teams. As we navigate a new era of technology, our mission is to serve and transform how people, agencies, and tech enthusiasts connect in the digital age. Everything we touch begins and ends with people—the civil servants, service members, farmers, and immigrants (to name a few)—and our tools empower faster solutions worldwide, supporting dozens of federal agencies, hundreds of thousands of users, and millions of Americans.