Going from Post-Grad to Working at a Leading Tech Company


Ziyad, Associate Software Engineer at MetroStar in Bloomington, drawing in purple

Graduates know searching for that first job after college is exciting but also nerve-wracking. For Ziyad, he landed his first post-graduate position after visiting a career fair and meeting MetroStar’s Client Solutions Group (CSG)—MetroStar’s in-house research and development team.

Ziyad is a Hoosier through and through. Growing up in northwest Indiana, he attended Indiana University Bloomington and joined MetroStar’s second headquarters (located in Bloomington) as an Associate Software Engineer.

While a wizard in math and computer science, Ziyad also has an affinity for fantasy writing, thus obtaining one of his two degrees in creative writing. He also earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

His two, arguably very different degrees, set him up to see problems differently and fix them with both sides of his brain. This unique ability perfectly aligned Ziyad with the type of people the CSG hires—creative tech innovators.

“Within CSG, you’re not only discovering what people are doing in the industry, but also what they will be doing in the future. You help others gain a pulse of tech and what’s in store. If I had been put in a project initially, I don’t think I would have gotten as strong of an inside look at the future of the industry,” Ziyad said.

Team members within CSG work on many fast-moving projects, and some members participate in tech challenges across the industry. Notably, Ziyad worked on research involving chatbots and artificial intelligence.

He’s worked on various projects and programs at MetroStar, but he’s currently working with civilian agencies.

“I love that my role transforms depending on the job I’m currently doing, and I can take skills from each one and use them to tackle different problems,” Ziyad said. “The project I’m working on right now is super exciting. I know that when I fix something like code, there is an immigrant whose life is being made slightly easier, which is a good feeling.”

Ziyad is excited to see where his career leads at MetroStar and the different opportunities available across the organization.

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