Zoomph's Approach to Hiring Women in Esports and Tech


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Amir Zonozi, President, and Nick Cronin, Chief Digital Officer of Zoomph, joined the Mock IT podcast to share insights about their media measurement company for sports and Esports brands. The company aims to help their clients understand the value they create online through their brand partners, and they deep dive into audience insights and how consumers engage with brands online.

Hiring Women in Tech and Sports 

Throughout the podcast, Amir and Nick mention the importance of hiring a diverse workforce. Women working in the sports industry are seen in two ways at Zoomph—women athletes and women working on the sidelines (in any capacity)—and both are equally important. Supporting women athletes and their teams was a no-brainer, and bringing women onto the Zoomph team to work behind the scenes was never a question. So, why did they find it hard to build their dream team? 

The Importance of Actively Seeking Candidates 

In recent years, we have heard a lot about Women in Sports and Women in Tech. Unsurprisingly, many women fall at the crossroads of those two industries. Zoomph knew they wanted a diverse team but found their applicant pool didn't reflect that goal, despite knowing that bright, talented candidates were out there. Instead of deciding it was on applicants to find them first, Zoomph undertook the burden themselves and started to research how they could prove they were a great place to work for diverse candidates. 

They reached out to two non-profits: Women in Sports Entertainment (WISE) and Women in Sports Tech (WIST). Upon responses, Zoomph offered their services and used their social media savvy minds to help spread the organizations' missions to the masses. In return, they learned more about the different paths they could follow to hire women in sports and how to network with them. From WIST, they learned about the Women in Sports Tech Fellowship and brought on two fellows to their team.

These actions snowballed into more hires, more networking events, and creating a safe space for women to be excited about exploring sports and social media data at their company. As they continued to showcase that they were actively building a culture that stood behind their goals, they received more applications from women in the field. 

The pair shared the tips [timecode: 45:00]  they've learned and implemented with podcast hosts Liz and Marie. Tune into the episode to learn more about their process of building a culture that encourages diverse candidates to apply. 


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