Mock IT: Exploring Inclusive UX Design Choices


Mock IT: Exploring Inclusive UX Design Choices

Being inclusive doesn't mean it's less of an experience for someone else; it just means it's more of an experience for everyone else.

Inclusive UX: Episode 2 Overview  

This week, Liz and Marie explore inclusive design choices that everyone can execute, whether you’re a UX Designer or not. They discuss the small, inclusive design details they find helpful at work and in their everyday lives. You'll learn everything from UX mistakes tackled in the industry to the tiny details anyone can change to become more inclusive (like the font size used in your emails). 

About Mock IT 

Mock IT is an inside look at two UX Designers navigating design for the government, the relevancy of the work they do, emerging trends, and everything in between. 

Liz and Marie are passionate about design of all shapes and forms and the impact it can generate for all generations. This podcast features their insights and thoughts about what inspires them, motivates them, or makes them go "hmm?"  

Join us every two weeks as they share their personal stories about the highs and lows of life as a designer.  

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