Keyboard Shortcuts UX Designers Should Memorize (From Top Design Programs)


keyboard shortcuts graphic of a laptop

With so many options out there, from free to paid programs for design and online collaboration, it can be a bit overwhelming to think you can stay on top of all of them and keep up with their individual updates. I’ve learned you only need to know a few key actions in each program to get yourself started and efficiently switch between different programs.

Shortcodes, or keyboard shortcuts, are beginning to become streamlined across newer prototyping tools. Compared to a few years ago, when shortcodes for the same actions had nuance differences between applications. These streamlined codes have been really helpful! 

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts to Know 

  1. Arrow

  2. Shapes – especially the rectangle and circles

  3. Duplicate

  4. Group

  5. Text Tool

That’s it. Five total shortcuts to get you started and impress everyone over screen share at how quickly you move (wink). Now that you know which shortcuts you need, let's review them in different design programs.  

Figma + Sketch:

Figma and Sketch shortcuts

Adobe PS: 

Adobe Photoshop shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator: 

Adobe Illustrator shortcuts

For the one or two programs you use daily, I would recommend spending more time practicing their shortcuts and learning their functionality. For example, setting up your components (Figma), symbols (Sketch), or elements (Adobe CC libraries) can help you work faster and smarter. These repeatable elements keep your work consistent and are the backbone of setting up a design system.

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