Gary White, Founder of Mapportunity, Joins MetroStar’s Advisory Board


Gary White, Founder of Mapportunity, Joins MetroStar’s Advisory Board

Written By: Johnnie Wade

Reston, VA – Tuesday, Feb.14, 2024 - MetroStar is proud to announce Gary White as the newest addition to its growing Advisory Board. With an impressive career in both the public and private sectors, White brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role.

As the founder and principal of Mapportunity, a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), White has demonstrated his strategic prowess and innovative thinking. He has also provided significant contributions in senior advisory roles within the General Services Administration and the Offices of the Secretaries of Defense and Air Force. MetroStar is confident that White's invaluable insights will significantly contribute to the company's continued growth in emerging technology.

White recognizes the importance of embracing MetroStar's rich legacy while strategically navigating toward an innovative future. With a deep understanding of MetroStar's core values of trust, humility, and imagination, he sets goals to strengthen the company's presence in the acquisition realm and foster a culture of effective business execution within the industry.

“I am invested in the direction the leaders are taking MetroStar in terms of innovative technologies, and their desire to meet multiple mission sets within the government while still maintaining that small business feel,” said White.

His deep reverence for small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit, deeply rooted in his personal and professional narratives, resonates with MetroStar's evolving story. White brings an acute understanding of the countless tribulations and resounding triumphs that frequently line the path of small ventures as they navigate the intricacies of government contracts. His unwavering commitment to supporting and uplifting these businesses is evident in every action he takes.

As a Harvard University and Georgetown University graduate, his academic endeavors, complemented by his role as a mentor at the Harvard Innovation Lab, exemplify his dedication to thought leadership and nurturing future generations of innovative thinkers. The convergence of academia, government, and entrepreneurship is where White's distinguished background soars.

As a veteran and someone who has worn many hats throughout his professional career, he believes in his unique perspective on what the warfighters need and what they are looking for in terms of trustworthy, reliant solutions that achieve mission goals.

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