VP of National Security Named Finalist in WashingtonExec Pinnacle Awards


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MetroStar's Vice President of National Security, Matt Zimmerman, is an Executive of the Year finalist for WashingtonExec's 2023 Pinnacle Awards in the National Security and Department of Homeland Security category. The Pinnacle Awards, now in their sixth year, recognizes extraordinary individuals like Zimmerman, who tirelessly prioritize the nation's technological needs above all else.  

After majoring in computer science at college, Zimmerman immersed himself in local and state government before seamlessly transitioning into the intricate landscape of government contracting. He now has over sixteen years of experience implementing and supporting information technology (IT) solutions for government agencies.  

Much like the miles he runs in his off-hours, Zimmerman consistently goes the extra distance for his customers. Notably, he has a long-standing relationship with the U.S. Department of State, a cornerstone legacy account at MetroStar. Collaborating with his team, he tackles mission objectives and has delved into new areas of support, such as with Diplomatic Security starting in 2021. His work not only includes cutting-edge IT support, but also upskilling his people’s skills and recruiting new, mission-driven talent. 

Zimmerman underscores the importance of attentive customer engagement, a lesson learned over his career. According to him, success hinges on listening to customers and prioritizing their experience and relationships. Fostering trust with clients while propelling their missions forward is a paramount focus for Zimmerman, embodying the legacy he aspires to establish at MetroStar. 

Stay tuned on Nov. 16 via MetroStar's LinkedIn to hear if Zimmerman is selected as the National Security and Department of Homeland Security Executive of the Year by WashingtonExec. In the meantime, explore other leaders at MetroStar and their accomplishments here.   

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