The Year of AI and More: MetroStar Reflects on 2023


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As we enter the year ahead, MetroStar reflects on an extraordinary and highly successful 2023. Our unwavering commitment to our vision and values was evident throughout the year through various notable accomplishments, community-driven initiatives, and noteworthy recognitions.  

From launching innovative products that revolutionized the government contracting industry to creating an award-winning podcast that shared captivating stories of transition within the veteran community, every milestone was a testament to MetroStar's dedication to making a positive impact. The passion and commitment of our team, combined with the unwavering support of our valued clients and partners, have been instrumental in our success. 

We are thrilled to continue our journey toward even greater heights, driven by our shared vision of shaping a better future through technology and innovation. 

AI is Here to Stay  

Over the summer, MetroStar's StarFinder project demonstrated the potential of ethical AI in revolutionizing recruitment, particularly in expedited and equitable government contracting hiring processes. By leveraging natural language processing to analyze and align job and candidate data, StarFinder aims to reduce attrition and mitigate bias. Scaling such systems will be crucial in 2024 and beyond to effectively keep pace with AI's increasing impact on the workforce. 

MetroStar was honored this year to talk with other industry experts about AI in government. Several team members spoke at the prestigious 2023 Department of Defense Special Access Program Information Technology and Cybersecurity Summit. During the talk, "Building the Secure Future: Large Language Models & Secure Classification Review," the MetroStar team addressed vital topics, including leveraging AI/ML technologies to support optimizing information sharing while ensuring robust data protection with our newer solution, DeCypher. These summits play a pivotal role in bringing together the brightest minds from government and industry to tackle complex challenges and shape the future of national security in the digital age. MetroStar takes great pride in being at the forefront of these conversations and is looking forward to attending more talks in the new year. 

Beyond our experts growing and sharing their knowledge, MetroStar, with Quansight, was awarded a contract to provide AI testing capabilities for the Department of Defense's Joint AI Test Infrastructure Capability (JATIC) program. By leveraging Onyx, MetroStar's data platform solution, and Quansight's open-source Nebari tool, we will enable comprehensive evaluation and advancement of responsible AI across defense agencies. This contract solidifies MetroStar and Quansight's position as trusted government partners, tackling complex challenges through innovative open-source and AI solutions. 

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Welcoming New Solutions 

As a leading solutions and digital services provider, MetroStar dove headfirst into innovation in 2023 and launched multiple new solutions. Explore the new additions to our portfolio below. 


Our ready-to-use open-source design system, Comet, empowers businesses to optimize their DesignOps and enhance productivity. Created with developers in mind, Comet is an ideal solution for those designing government websites. Read More > 


Our cybersecurity solution, Paradrop, accelerates the identification and resolution of computer network issues, ensuring compliance with standards, discovering unknown devices for better control, and reducing the window for potential threats to exploit vulnerabilities.  Read More > 


Our AI solution, LabelUp, streamlines image and video labeling with unparalleled ease. LableUp minimizes manual effort, eradicates errors, optimizes dataset evaluation, and seamlessly integrates with challenging object detection tests. Read More > 


Our LLM tool, DeCyhper, not only keeps humans in the loop but also safeguards national security by automating the revisiting of classified documents. With this automation, DeCypher empowers intelligent analysts to navigate their expanding workloads. Read More > 

Projects and Collaborations: Expanding Horizons 

MetroStar's 2023 was defined by a series of groundbreaking projects and fruitful collaborations throughout the year. 

Explore 2023 Milestones: 

Building Connections: Engaging with the Community 

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Guided by our mission to make a positive impact, MetroStar's CARES initiative (our corporate social responsibility efforts) was at the forefront of our community engagement in 2023. Our contributions to Marines Toys For Tots, Rainbow Families, LLS Light the Night, and wear blue: run to remember showcased our commitment to diverse causes. We actively organized fundraising events, spread awareness, and supported these organizations. 

We celebrated International Women's Day (IWD) for the third consecutive year with a highly successful hybrid event that earned us recognition and an award at GAIN 2023. The IWD event brings together inspiring women leaders from various industries who share their experiences and insights. This annual occasion seeks to empower and celebrate the achievements of women in the technology field and beyond. 

In 2023, MetroStar launched two new seasons of the popular Mock IT series and created a new podcast called Civvies. Mock IT has fostered several insightful conversations on topics as diverse as human-centered design (HCD) and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. As a result, the team was honored with a GAIN Award nomination. Our veteran community-focused podcast, Civvies, secured a prestigious Viddy Award — a testament to MetroStar's dedication to showcasing thoughtfully voiced veteran experiences. 

Beyond our veteran-based work with Civvies, MetroStar hosted a veteran event for D-Day Remember at the Reston Headquarters. Hosted by MetroStar's CEO, Ali Reza Manouchehri, and Director of Army Operations, Kent Friederich, the event was our first annual exclusive rest and relaxation (R&R) event

It wasn't just events that we celebrated this year. MetroStar University (MSU), our in-house learning and development platform, commemorated its tenth year of fostering professional development. Over the past decade, we have empowered our employees with access to a wide range of training programs, workshops, and certifications. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to building a continuous learning and personal growth culture. 

Our Trail Club (new this year!) ignited the Move More Challenge, an initiative to promote health and wellness among our team members. The challenge encouraged participants to engage in regular physical activity, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. It created a sense of camaraderie and motivation among our employees, further strengthening our company culture. 

From fireside chats to happy hours and all the events in between, MetroStar enjoyed getting to spend more time with their people and the community this year. 

Accolades and Recognition: Celebrating Achievements 

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In the highly competitive year of 2023, we earned widespread recognition and acclaim. Our exceptional team of leaders, known for their expertise and innovation, were not only featured on esteemed platforms like WashingtonExec’s "Top HR Executive to Watch in 2023" but our CEO also had the opportunity to share his insights and experiences in an insightful interview with IHeartMedia building IT companies that serve government. 

This year, we were honored to announce that CEO, Ali Reza Manouchehri, was honored with the prestigious Executive of the Year award at the 21st Annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards, hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce and Professional Services Council. This distinguished recognition acknowledges Manouchehri's exceptional leadership in advancing MetroStar's mission and fostering collective accomplishments throughout the year. 

Other team members found themselves front and center this year, as well. Four executives were honored as finalists for Washington Execs' Pinnacle Awards in the categories of HR Leader of the Year, Defense Executive of the Year, Pricing Executive of the Year, and National Security and Department of Homeland Security Executive of the Year. And our SVP of Operations Excellence & Strategy was named Rookie of The Year at the 2023 ACT-IAC Leadership Awards.  

The remarkable achievements and accolades earned by MetroStar and our people have not gone unnoticed. Computerworld, a prominent publication in the technology industry, named MetroStar as a Foundry’s Computerworld’s 2024 Best Places to Work in IT. These accomplishments testify to our unwavering commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries. We are proud to be recognized as leaders in our field and will continue to strive for even more significant accomplishments in the future.  

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Looking ahead to 2024, MetroStar is excited to build upon our innovation, community dedication, and talent development tradition. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients and driving positive change within the industry. With enthusiasm and determination, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges ahead, confident in our ability to make a lasting impact in 2024 and beyond.  

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